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Fences make good neighbors, keep pets secure and are the backbone of ranching and farming. Sisters Fence Company was founded on building quality, long-lasting fences for our neighbors and friends. Eight years of creating custom fences in Central Oregon  and hundreds of projects completed, customers are still our priority and building quality fences our promise.

Our most popular fencing styles are described below, but we do much more than this! View our gallery page to see an even wider range of fencing services. If you have something else in mind, contact us for a free on-site estimate and we'll be happy to work with you.

Dog Ear Cedar Fence

The clean and classic look of cedar dog ear fence provides privacy, sets aesthetically pleasing property boarders, keeps pets in, and can be used as a trash or HVAC enclosure. Typically built 5’ or 6’ tall.

Picture Frame Cedar Fence

Framed in cedar fences provides eye-appealing design with sturdy construction. Ideal for privacy fence, dog fence, or trash/HVAC enclosure. Available in 5’ or 6’ heights.

Stacked Picture Frame Fence

The intricate design of a Stacked Picture Frame fence is well suited as a 3’ tall front yard fence and 5’ to 6’ tall privacy fencing. It both serves a utilitarian function of keeping pets in and providing a safe and secure place for kids to play, while also adding to the aesthetics of your property.

Lodgepole Top Rail Wire Filled Fence

Built with pressure-treated lodgepole timber for longevity, and no-climb wire to keep pets and farm animals in, Lodgepole Top Rail fence with wire can be found throughout the Sisters, Oregon area. This style of fence provides security for animals without blocking the amazing Central Oregon views. Traditionally built at 4-foot, 5-foot or 6-foot tall. For garden fence, with the goal of keeping deer out, we recommend fencing be 7’ to 8’ tall.

Lodgepole Top Rail

Lodgepole 2-3 Rail Fence

When no wire is needed, consider the longevity of pressure-treated lodgepole timber fencing with either 2 or 3 rails. This style of ranch fencing can be used for large pastures or quaint residential yards.

Kentucky Fencing

Constructed with repurposed railroad ties for posts and dimensional 2”x 8” lumber for the rails, Kentucky Fencing is a statement piece while also putting in the work as a stout ranching or farming fence line. Consider this fence style for round pens, stall fencing or acres of pasture.

Custom Weld Gate

Custom Metal Fencing

Interested in durable, low maintenance, custom welded metal fencing? Our in-house welding team as you covered.  Choose from 4-foot, 5-foot or 6-foot heights and numerous rail and wire-filled options.

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